Another Diplomatic Blunder-Editor Jambang Critically Examine The Expulsion of the UN Envoy!

UNDP, Other Agencies Spent US$1.5 Million In 2006 Presidential Election
The Lies of Daily Observer Revealed
By Yankuba Jambang, Associate Editor
The expulsion of the UNDP resident coordinator, Ms Fadzai Gwarazima by the Gambian authorities clearly shows that there is no freedom of expression in that country; hey, you can’t say anything negative about His Excellency, president Yahya Jammeh no matter who you are. “Yes, he can do what he wants and nothing will come out of it”, says Jammeh’s talisman.
What Yahya Jammeh fails to realize is that people are entitled to their opinions and that Ms fadzai as a UNDP coordinator has a right to be critical of his [Jammeh’s] HIV/AIDS and asthma cure because the agency is a crucial partner in our nation’s development and in the fight against the very disease at the center of this dismal controversy. The question is: What does Gambia gain out of the expulsion of Ms. Fadzai?
Daily Observer Lies
The government mouthpiece, the Daily Observer’s claim that Ms fadzai was irresponsible and achieved nothing in the Gambia is a big lie. According to African Press Agency  UNDP, the British Department for International Development (BFID), European Union (EU) pledged to help fund the Gambia’s 2006 presidential election. And “according to a press release from the UN office in Banjul”, Says African Press Agency  “…the Gambia capital release on Wednesday, a US$1.5 million fund to support the election…” was set up. I invite the Observer newspaper to counter these claims.
Daily Observer,  please look at the following document and a press release  we have obtained to show that the UNDP Gambia office was indeed helping our government in all developmental sectors. These documents show the signatures of UNDP Systems coordinator, Ms Fadzai Gwarazima, Mamburay Njie, Secretary-General, Gambia government, David W. Bowen, FAO rep., Nestor Shivute, WHO rep., Mamo Desta WFP officer in Charge, Susanne Maiga Konate, UNFPA country director, Chryl Gregory Faye, UNICEF Rep., Ron Mponda, UNHCR Chief of Mission and Mohamed Ali  Ould Sidi, ILO rep.
According to the foreword of this 50 page document entitled 
United Nations Development Assistance Framework for the Republic of The Gambia 2007 – 2011
“The purpose of the United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) is to provide a comprehensive framework and approach through which the United Nations System will collaborate with the government and channel its combined resources to the Gambia during 2007 – 2011.”
   United Nations Development Programme
24th April 2006

Stakeholders Validate UNDPÂ’s Country Programme Document CPD
Senior officials from The Gambia Government, the United Nations Development ProgrammeUNDP,Nongovernmental and civil society organisations will tomorrow 25th April 2006, validate the Draft Country Programme Document (CPD) of the United Nations Development Programme. The exercise, which will take place at the Corinthia Atlantic Hotel, is being undertaken by the UNDP Country Office
in partnership with the Government of The Gambia.
The Draft Country Programme Document is the result of wide ranging consultation between the Gambia Government, UN agencies, civil society and other key national stakeholders over the past couple of months, to look at critical areas that need to be addressed. The document is premised on the GambiaÂ’s longterm strategy of Vision 2020, the Common Country Assessment (CCA) and UN Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF). It reflects the countryÂ’s development priorities, specifically the
national commitment to the attainment of the MDGs.
The CPD takes into account, critical challenges confronting the Gambia in the areas of poverty reduction and achieving the MDGs, and Governance and Human Rights. It focuses on creating an enabling policy environment and framework for implementing propoor growth and deepening the democratic processes
at both the national and local levels. Significantly, the CPD seeks to promote governmentÂ’s commitment to mainstream the MDGs into national and sectoral plans, as well as apply a rights based approach to development as envisaged in the 200711
According to Secretary General Njie, the Draft Country Programme Document is another indication of UNDPÂ’s valuable contribution to the development of the Gambia, and the major areas of intervention are key priority areas that Government requires assistance. For the UNDP Resident Representative Ms. Fadzai Gwaradzimba, the new CPD provides both Government and UNDP opportunities for renewed partnership and collaboration in critical areas of the countryÂ’s development agenda.
During the validation workshop tomorrow, stakeholders will hear an overview of the preparation process of the CPD, as well as presentations on the CPD and Results and Resources Framework. The ceremony bwill be chaired jointly by the Secretary General and the UNDP Resident Representative.
P.O.BOX 553 · Banjul, The Gambia · Telephone: (220) 494 760, 494769 · Fax (220) 494 758 · email: The Gambia

Following the validation exercise, the Country Programme Document will then be
submitted to the Executive Board of the United Nations Development Programme for approval.
The Observer and the Gambia government may continue to lie to the Gambian people and the rest of the world; the Freedom Newspaper will continue to uncover such lies. We invite both the Daily Observer and the Gambia government to respond.
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