A man from the UK who was diagnosed with the asbestos related cancer mesothelioma a couple of years ago has collected another round of winning from the betting shop after predicting that he could outlive the predictions made by his doctor.

The man, aged fifty nine, was diagnosed with the cancer in 2006. He did undergo a range of treatment but even then was told not to make any plans for Christmas by his doctor. However, he decided to make the best of a bad situation and placed a bet that he could beat this prediction.

In June 2008 he collected his winnings, having beaten the predictions made by the doctor. Having put on a 50-1 bet, he has now picked up a second round of winnings, and in total has won around sixteen thousand dollars by outliving the prediction that his doctor made.

He said: “I gave myself an incentive by placing a bet on how long I would outwit modern medicine. William Hill staff checked all the facts out before giving me odds.” The bets can only be placed for three years, and next year he could win over sixteen thousand dollars if he is alive. He added: “In a way it’s a shame the bet is only valid for three years because the way I feel right now I’m indestructible. These wins are a huge incentive to stay alive.”

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