Noted evangelist minister Annis Shorrosh was arrested by Daphe Police . The reason: Just like other evangelists he too was involved in financial fraud  trying to destroy evidence of his financial crime.

Daphne police have arrested an Evangelist minister for arson.

A fire alarm went off about 10:00 p.m. Tuesday at the Loma Alta Towers. A trash can in the basement of the building was on fire.

Police Chief David Carpenter tells News 5 that Dr. Anis Shorrosh used an accelerant to set the trash can on fire. Police believe he did it in an attempt to burn the building down.

Shorrosh says he is from Nazareth, the hometown of Jesus Christ. He also claims to have preached the gospel in at least 76 countries.

Shorrosh has made himself a target of fanatic Muslims by by questioning the Qur’an. According to a website called Islam-In-Focus, Shorrosh has survived three assassination attempts by fanatic Muslims.

Shorrosh was another Evangelist who goes out with a bad name. A decade ago it was Jimmy Swaggart who was caught in obscenity and exposed by a prostitute.

For those who do not know about Annis Shorrosh, he is an Arab Christian who held debates with many prominent Muslims including Ahmed Deedat, and Jamal Badawi. For decades he was into preaching gospels

The Muslims never respected him as a scholar of interfaith dialogues, because he used only negative language to spread gospels. He was trounced by Ahmed Deedat in a public debate on “Is Jesus God?”.Even noted Scholar Jamal Badawi defeated him in one of the debates” Is the Qur’an God’s word?” Shorrosh in his debate tried to show grammatical mistakes in the Qur’an but Badawi responded him in an academic manner.

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