AP is reporting from Nassau, Bahamas that Larry Birkhead is the father of Anna Nicole Smith’s baby according to DNA tests.  Birkhead is reported jubilant and is telling the world that “his daughter will soon be home”.

I don’t know if I’d be so jubilant seeing as how everyone in the would-be future heiresses life has been winding up dead.  Howard Stern is obviously “very dissapointed” that the tiny tot’s true father has been determined because according to this site Birkhead may be able to wrangle the trusteeship for the possible $423 million estate from Stern which at 3% is a little over $12 million a year in trustee fees.  Not an amount to sneeze at.  Stern has decided to take the high road for now and not go for custody of Dannielynn, even offering to put Birkhead up at his house in the Bahamas until the courts give Birkhead clearance to leave the country so he can bond with Dannielynn until he can legally take custody of her.  If Stern is as evil as I believe him to be, this would be interesting to say the least.  I wonder how many bizarre and fatal situations this guy can come up with to kill off Birkhead.  He could try hooking him on a variety of prescriptions and then dressing him up like a clown and then video……..wait, he’s done that.  Maybe a good ole’ fashioned car accident or fall down the stairs.  You heard it here first!

Too bad the greedy grandma is there in the Bahama’s with her team of blood sucking lawyers ready to pounce on whoever was determined to be the biological father.  There already is talk that dear Grandma Virgie will be suing Birkhead for custody to try and get her piece of the pie.  This woman has no shame.  Her now dead daughter called her “evil and sick” in several now famous interviews and expressed anger and pain regarding her abusive childhood that you’d think Virgie would be too ashamed to play the grief-stricken mother.

Speaking of gall, I wonder what that moron Prince Frederic Von Anhalt is going to do now that his 15 minutes of infamy are up.  Any sane married guy on the planet would have waited with baited breath for the DNA results to come in before exposing a long term affair that they’d mamaged to keep under wraps for almost a decade.  Word is that his reps are now stating that they never wished to take Dannielynn away from anyone…..blah blah….wish Larry Birkhead the best…..blah blah.  It’s so ridiculous I can’t even read it.  I’m not a big Zsa Zsa fan but no one deserves to have their husband tell the whole world that he didn’t marry you for love and that rather than divorcing you, he tried to get you to sign adoption papers for the chick he was banging, and was still mad you refused.  What a tool!

Smith & Birkhead in better times

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