According to a Russian news service, Politkoskaya was murdered with an Izh with a silencer which is why none of her neighbors heard the shots — two to her heart, one to her shoulder and the fourth was in her head after she was dead.  It gives new meaning to the word overkill.  The Makarov pistol was tossed beside her, apparently for the purpose of confusing the investigation.  (The English in this report is not all that clear.)

According to the Russian Journalists Union, Mrs. Politkovskaya was a

“Person of extraordinary courage and inflexibility – she was and continued to be till her end the example of journalist, who can (and must – she believed herself and requested it from her colleagues) to write from dictation of his or her own conscience, not putting the blame on circumstances and not submitting to them,” it is said in the statement. “Like her colleague Shchekochikhin [famous Russian journalist, who died in 2003], she also was ‘unscrupulous choosing her enemies,’ and the stronger, the meaner, the more revengeful the enemies were, the more reckless and furious she was in her attacks against them. She did not make any compromises, struggling for things, which were true from her point of view; she proved that truth to all, who read her articles and listened to her. She was hated for that, she was threatened and persecuted; she was even poisoned once.”   Regnum

It is quite a statement. 

She was 48 and according to the London Observer, she was writing a book about why the Kremlin wanted her dead.  Also, it may only be coincidence, but it was Putin’s 57th birthday… draw your own conclusions.

Freedom is costly.  Freedom of speech is costly.  I appreciate it more everyday.

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