The body of former Playboy Playmate Anna Nicole Smith was embalmed over the weekend after a judge in Broward County, Fla., ruled it could proceed.

Smith was embalmed at the Broward County Medical Examiner’s Office, and the embalmers, who finished around noon on Saturday, reportedly promised not to discuss, write about, photograph or draw her body. Jonathan Perper, the county’s chief medical examiner, told Local 10 news that Smith’s body “will be ready for viewing with no problem.”

Smith’s body will remain at the medical examiner’s facility while two parties battle in court over where she will be buried. Howard K. Stern, Smith’s attorney and partner, reportedly wants Smith buried next to her son, Daniel, in the Bahamas. Daniel Smith died in September while visiting his mother, who had just given birth to daughter Dannilynn. Stern said Smith purchased a plot in the Bahamas.

Smith’s mother, Vergie Arthur, wants her daughter buried in her native Texas. Judge Larry Seidlin has “claimed” the body and said he won’t release it until he decides where it should be buried. A decision isn’t likely to be made until next week.

Arthur’s attorneys claim that since she is Smith’s next of kin, she has more right to the body than Stern, who is the executor of Smith’s will. The will was made public last Friday. It names Stern as executor and says her estate should remain in a trust for her late son, but does not list where she wished to be buried.

Stern will appear in court on Tuesday to testify that Smith wanted to be buried in the Bahamas.

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