REXANO Editorial,

Humane Society of the United states, HSUS, is a household name, but to this day many animal lovers do not realize that HSUS is an animal rights, AR, group, not associated with local shelters, and actually making money selling animal euthanasia manuals.

Big chunk of their money, donated to them by unsuspecting public to be used directly on animals, is actually spent on lobbying; much is spent on huge 6 figures salaries, perks and fancy offices.

Many companies, such as Microsoft, Talbots and Bank of America, partner with HSUS not realizing or choosing to ignore the whole picture. The latest HSU$ supporter was supposed to be Meijer, a Michigan-based regional chain of retail superstores. Michigan is well known for hunting, while HSUS is opposed to it.

After repeated attempts by the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance (USSA) demanding that Meijer dissolve its partnership with the anti-hunting group, (HSUS) in an online pet photo contest to benefit HSUS Foreclosure Pets Fund, the Michigan based retailer ended the photo contest.

According to information on the Meijer website, for each person that enters the contest, Meijer would donate $1, up to a maximum of $5,000, to the HSUS Foreclosure Pets Fund.

So what is this HSUS foreclosure fund?

HSUS, a non profit charity with over 200 million in assets, just created a whopping $15,000 money fund  to supposedly help shelters with the local surge in homeless pets due to foreclosures. To apply for HSUS’s grant, shelters have to jump thru few hoops. Once you get to the application, you find out that the maximum amount a shelter can request is meekly $2,000.

Considering HSUS’s questionable tactics of raising funds and using them for certain purpose, such as Katrina and Vicks pit bulls, why would any animal lover donate to them, the ‘middle man’?
If HSUS truly cares about animals, they would want shelters to get the money ASAP and would advise public to do it the fastest and most efficient way, donate directly to the local shelters, no middle man needed.  

Some of the most recent and notable HSUS endorsed fiascos, money raising schemes and harmful regulations:

  • Money raised in the wake of hurricane Katrina and subsequent investigation by Louisiana Attorney General involving funds raised for reuniting pets and their owners
  • Soliciting money to care for Vick’s pit bulls, even though they never had possession of any of  them
  • Endorsing the Captive Wildlife Safety Act, that makes it a felony for animal owners of certain exotic species to take their beloved pets across the state lines with them for any reason, not even  in case of a household move, visit to the veterinarian or natural disaster evacuation.
  • Horse slaughter ban bills that resulted in many horses being abandoned, starved or killed in a more cruel way across the border than if the slaughter was still legal and properly inspected at home.
  • Soliciting money  and wasting taxpayers’ time and money for a ban on Internet hunting, even though it doesn’t seem to exist
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