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This essay began as a response to an e-mail we received from a blogger asking to be removed from our Anglosphere Consortium blogroll because he found the inclusion of Lionheart among our ranks to be distasteful.  It has since been written and re-written at least five times, for the points made within it are so bleeding obvious as to seem scarcely worth putting to paper.  And yet we believe that, unfortunately, they must be.

To we non-homo-sapiens, you humans are bipedal flightless primates, male and female (mostly), who for some reason have been granted a superior cerebral capacity which renders you capable of acts of profound beauty and profound depravity. That is all.  Variations in the degree of pigmentation in your skin, facial features, and place of birth are of no empirical consequence and thus entirely irrelevant. Therefore the only valid means by which to evaluate yourselves – as groups or as individuals – is by how you choose to employ that superior cerebral capacity of yours and the consequences thereof. This has nothing to do with “race,” but only merit.  Or as another more eloquent than even I once put it, judging men not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. 

And yet, ever since some 19th century pseudo-scientist Euro-twit vomited the poisonous fiction of scientific racism into the human consciousness, you have been obsessed with the notion that something other than skin tone and cultural druthers separates you.  This notion of “race” has been used to justify human evils from genocide and slavery, to sloth and self-destructive behavior, to affirmative action and mandatory corporate diversity programs. Why? The truth has been revealed, the Declaration made: all men are created equal. Whenever and wherever applied, this proposition has wrought unprecedented peace and prosperity for people of all creeds and colors; whenever and wherever ignored, hatred and bitterness thrive. Yet still too many of you behave hysterically, as though not entirely convinced those words in the Declaration were actually true, when e’re the specter of “race” is conjured.  Alas a different and perverse equality descends upon free men, usurping the God-given with an equality of paralysis: the darker skinned by paranoia, the lighter skinned by guilt; all made useless, all for naught. This is folly of the highest order, the tragic fallout of which we are seeing at present in Britain.  

Mother England is dying. The birthplace of the Magna Carta, the Bill of Rights, the Habeas Corpus, trial by jury, and English Common Law is right now experiencing the humiliating consequences of her faithlessness to the principles which made her truly great.  Once safely out from under the threat of the Nazi boot, she sought comfort in the seductive arms of socialism.  Over the years their tawdry on-again, off-again affair has robbed her of her dignity and treasure, leaving her morally bankrupt and defenseless against fascism’s latest host: Islamism. Now knighted and thoroughly in control, Sir Socialism is quick to slap down what vestiges of pride and patriotism England manages to utter in her own defense and rebuke them as “racist.” As if wanting to preserve one’s way of life in one’s own home was a crime.  As if Sharia had anything to do with equal treatment before the law. As if Islam was a “race.” Poisonous fiction indeed. 

What is happening is very real and it is very dangerous, not only for England but for all Britain and the remainder of the Anglosphere – the United States, Australia, Canada et al  – Mother England’s offspring. For the Islamists know, if they can make it here, they can make it anywhere (our apologies to Mr. Sinatra.) 

My intent in convening The Anglosphere Consortium was to provide a showcase for those blogs and websites endeavoring in their own way to “proclaim in fearless tones the great principles of freedom and the rights of man which are the joint inheritance of the English speaking world.” It should be of no great surprise to anyone then that a majority of these sites dedicate themselves to denouncing the most acute threat to that joint inheritance at present: Islamic fascism and our respective governments’ too often inept and appeasing reaction to it.    

“If you take a look at Lionheart’s site it is rather obsessive about Islam,” writes the blogger whose e-mail inspired this post. “That view has its place but if the aim of your group is to promote the Anglosphere then I don’t believe that inclusion of sites such as these will endear people to the cause.” 

We sincerely appreciate this blogger’s concern for the popularity of our blogroll.  Nonetheless, we ask of what use is it (or of the very concept of “Anglosphere”) if not a forum for we the beneficiaries of the “joint inheritance” to declare our wish to remain free and denounce those who seek to take it away? 

The blogger continues.  “Here in the UK  the Anglosphere – as a political concept – is viewed with suspicion by the centre and centre left, usually seen as a right-wing diversion to undermine the EU, democratic socialism, multiculturalism, or to promote militarism.  There is some truth to this but the Anglosphere as a concept is about seeking commonality rather than accentuating difference and whipping up hatred.”

Whipping up hatred? In our view this is rather like accusing firefighters arriving at a burning house of having started the conflagration. Are the incidents of Islamist aggression against Western values and traditions sighted by Lionheart and other members of our blogroll – not to mention countless others throughout the blogosphere – lies?  Are we to ignore such crime, such depravity, such outright evil in the interest of “seeking commonality?”  Does anyone actually believe the Islamists’ want commonality?  No. They want converts or corpses, this they have declared.  How this is not of paramount repugnance to anyone who claims to love liberty is unfathomable. 

Ultimately however, we discover the core of the blogger’s reticence, which is shared by a large portion of Western population: the “race” thing.

“He (Lionheart) is basically a BNP/anti-Islam blogger,” explains our blogger. “With regret I shall have to ask you to take me off the list because it’s not someone with whom I wish to be associated.

Alas the notorious BNP – British National Party. The party of white supremacist, neo-nazi origins. The party that in its own words “unashamedly addresses itself to the issues and concerns of the indigenous British population, and because it seeks to ensure that British people remain the majority population in this country. Opponents point to the fact that the BNP has an all-white membership, and that we address issues concerning white people.”  The BNP goes on to point out that in Britain exist many other organizations openly organized along ethnic lines and standing for the rights of their respective communities  – Black Britain, Watford Asian Community Care, The Action Group for Irish Youth, Jewish.Co.UK – and that none of these are derided as “racist.” This is true; however it serves only to further demonstrate the asininity of attempting to organize humanity according to “race.”

Our own view on the matter is that while the rallying cry of ethnic heritage may have a certain galvanizing effect initially, it is a rather simplistic and ultimately counterproductive tactic. It is equally simplistic and counterproductive, however, to dismiss common sense because it is, on occasion, expressed by those with whom we “wish not to be associated.”  Lionheart is no white supremacist and no neo-nazi. That he has expressed commonality with certain aspects of the BNP platform regarding the advance of Islamism and uncontrolled immigration in Britain is true.  So have a great many Britons, only they don’t know it. When they are told as much, many change their opinions. Behold, yet again, the specter of “race” making cowards and fools out of free men.

Were the BNP, or the Conservative Party, or Labour, or even the bloody Socialists simply to rid themselves of this “race” baggage and instead focus on passionate advocacy of Britain’s true indigenous heritage – her legacy of liberty –  the British people would surely rise in their own defense to achieve their next finest hour. 

As James C. Bennett, author of The Anglosphere Challenge explains: 

“Recent DNA evidence has shown that a substantial core of the British population has a genetic commonality going back over 13 millennia and a surprising cousinage to the pre-Indo-European Basque population of Europe.  Throughout its history, Britain has seen waves of settlers arriving and intermingling with this ancient stock. Its daughter nations, and particularly America, have been enormously successful in maintaining the unique template of its society and culture while integrating waves of immigrants, both voluntary and involuntary, into that template. This strongly suggests that the unique strengths of Anglosphere society lie in the template rather than the materials it organizes.”   (emphasis added.)

There has always been and will always be room in this template for people of all creeds and colors.  There is no room, however, for those who seek – by their own declaration – to smash it.  Those among us who hold our tradition of tolerance above all others are easily manipulated by those who despise this template and regard its traditions as laughable; for they know that mere utterance of the word “racist” by non-white individuals or groups is enough to compel many Anglospherians toward immediate and unconditional surrender. This has to stop.

Britons who take exception to uncontrolled immigration in their homeland and the consequent diminishment of British culture are presently without representation in, nor protection of their government.  Many are choosing to flee. Those who remain are left with only one political body offering anything other than avoidance regarding the issue: -the British National Party. Those who detest the BNP’s racist origins but who also find common ground in the party’s advocacy for British culture are placed in a horrible position.  Side with the BNP and be damned as a racist; go it alone and risk being arrested; leave the homeland forever; or accept the current national policy of ignoring the whole bloody mess and hoping it goes away.

That the British people are in this mess is profound commentary on the pathetic state of their government; a mess citizens in other nations of the Anglsophere may soon find themselves in should they fail to accurately identify the causes of it

It is said that you must stand for something, or you will fall for anything. When we take for granted the freedom and rights won for us by our ancestors; when we cower from proclaiming their merits to the world, our countrymen, and our own children; when we enfeeble our minds to such a degree that quack theories like “race” can be used to make us suspicious of everything we have ever known and loved; we have made of ourselves fitting prey for the more passionate and bloodthirsty among us.

Allegiance to a common heritage – not racial, but philosophical – has made the nations comprising the Anglosphere the greatest on Earth. And as Sir Winston Churchill instructed in his clarion call for Anglo-American brotherhood 65 years ago, “the price of greatness is responsibility.”

“We do not war primarily with races as such. Tyranny is our foe, whatever trappings or disguise it wears, whatever language it speaks, be it external or internal, we must forever be on our guard, ever mobilised, ever vigilant, always ready to spring at its throat. In all this, we march together. Not only do we march and strive shoulder to shoulder at this moment under the fire of the enemy on the fields of war or in the air, but also in those realms of thought which are consecrated to the rights and the dignity of man.”

Anglosphere – know thyself, and to thy own self be true!



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