Campaigners in the UK are up in arms after the level of compensation for families of those that lose loved ones to asbestos related disease was raised. Campaigners state that the rise in compensation levels should have been higher, stating that the government has only upped the rate of compensation by a small amount.

This is the first rise in compensation for families of those killed through asbestos exposure in five years. The government announced that the limits would be raised by eighteen hundred pounds (around three and a half thousand dollars) taking it from 10,000 GBP to 11,800 GBP.

One MP who was campaigning for more money stated: “Since the government have decided to pay the pensions out at 90pc they should start to think about this in the same way. The increase is welcome but it is not enough. I should think something like five or ten thousand would be more in keeping with what these people have suffered. It should start at £5,000 and carry on from there with the cost of living but they’ll always be people who ask how you value the life of a relative.”

One woman who lost her father to asbestos related cancer stated: “Considering what we’ve been through I think the raise is a bit of a kick in the teeth. For me there’s not a price you can put on it but for other families it could help them get by. It makes me angry. The person affected goes through a lot and so does the family and especially if the deceased person has left a lot of debt the compensation is important.”

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