By Honey Gillard 

BIG hearted Angelina Jolie has proclaimed the opening of the new Washington, DC headquarters establishment of Global Action for Children (GAC)’s at a news conference held at the National Press Club, last Thursday. 

The ‘Mr & Mrs Smith’ star stated, “The numbers associated with this problem are staggering. It is overwhelming and the scale of the problem seems to give many an excuse for inaction. In many ways it is better to think of these children one by one — each deserving of our care and attention, each being of equal value, and each being a test of whether justice — or injustice — will prevail.” 

The actress continued, “I am here to simply ask you to think about orphaned children not as a burden but as a great opportunity. Their education is an investment in our future. … They have had to work very, very hard to survive, but when they are given a chance, they grow strong, stronger than most. … The Lost Boys of Sudan are a great example.” 

The GAC is a impartial support organization focused on increasing the funding for programs that support orphans and vulnerable children by $2.5 billion per year by the U.S. government. 

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