Recent media reports say Angelina Jolie misses doing steamy scenes with women, and wants to do more of them. And she likes to talk about shopping between the steamy scenes.

It sounds to me like Angelina Jolie knows very well she can’t be trusted with hunky male co-stars, and Bradd Pitt probably knows that about Angelina, as well. So Angelina and Brad Pitt have probably agreed to limit Angelina’s steamy scenes to women, or they’ll never be able to make a go of their relationship.

How much would a movie gross if it featured a steamy scene between Angelina Jolie and, well, Jennifer Aniston? Oh, my word, I would stand in line twice to see those sparks fly. I would be, like, “Come on, Angelina and Jennifer, kiss and make up, why don’t you?”

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