Germans love words like solidarity and consensus and agreement and uniformity and accord and stuff like that. But let’s face it. They don’t love them that much.

In calling German Chancellor Angela Merkel “Europe’s Geisterfahrer” (the wrong-way driver on the freeway) – and a woman Geisterfahrer at that – German opposition politicians are turning up the heat on her pronounced tendency to not introduce more aggressive spending measures to deal with the looming economic crisis, or at least not for now.

They are in good company. Or bad company, if you prefer. British Prime Minister Brown, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and EU Commission President Barroso are meeting On Monday for crisis talks on the economic crisis, but strangely enough, Merkel, the leader of Europe’s largest economy, will not be there i.e. she wasn’t invited.

Now, aren’t those guys acting like a bunch of girls? Sure, suspicious minds could think that Germany is intentionally letting other nations attempt to stimulate their economies alone and, essentially being an export country, benefit from the deal without ever having spent a cent, so-to-speak. But that just can’t be, as we all know. Germans would never let anyone else ever “carry the load” for them, right?

But I guess the real question here is does she have as much sense as some of us would like to think she has (I’m not so sure she’s wrong here, you see, but what do I know?) or is this just good old-fashioned cold, hard German calculation again? In other words, is this a rare moment of civil courage, of doing the right thing anyway, or is Angela Merkel frozen in her tracks, staring into the headlights of an oncoming car, unable to act?

I think, as this author does, that it is simply against her nature to do something which she does not fully understand (in this case to keep spending unimaginable amounts of money). And that may or may not be a good thing for a politician to do, or not do, but hard to understand it is: How can a crisis that has come about due to ever greater debt-making be solved by going into debt even more?

That’s hard to say, isn’t it. And Angela isn’t saying anything for now, either. So let’s just sit back and see how long she can keep her silence, and who was right in the end.

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