In a B.N.N EXCLUSIVE I can report By the close of today’s news cycle, the course of this Presidential election will change.

It has been confirmed, the controversy over Barack Obama’s birth record does not has previously speculated concern his possible birth in Kenya. The cover up is related to the fact, he is not the son of Barack Obama senior. Renowned FOX contributor Andy Martin, who first questioned the parental origin of Mr Obama. Discovered the cover up over Obama’s birth certificate is all about attempting to hide the fact, Senator Obama is the son of the radical black activist Frank Marshall Davis.
When asked how he learned news that will surely change the course of this presidential election. Andy revealed for the first time, He is one of many who posses the ability to communicate with the spirit world. And in the course of his investigation the soul of John Birch reached out from the other side to relate to him the truth.

Barack is attempting to keep the shocking secret of his true Father under wraps till at least after the election, but as a working Journalist. Andy was obligated to first confirm the story with three independent spirit sources prior to going to press.

I know I speak for many Obama supporters who have been beguiled, and I know I speak for all good Americans when I say Today we are all McCain supporters.

Dam fine work Andy, I am putting you up for a Pulitzer.

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