This week on Barling & Barrett we will be joined by Andrew Ian Dodge who is vying for election to the Senate in the upcoming November election. Andrew spent a good deal of time advancing the Tea Party message, but is officially running under the Libertarian label. He has strong views about the current state of events and the direction that the US needs to take to resolve the economic problems.

It has been an interesting week in politics. The Presidential Debate between Obama and Romney certainly was a strange event. There were few in the press that predicted the outcome. Most assumed that it would be a train wreck for Mitt Romney, that proved to be incorrect. It was Obama that was the victim.

Equally surprising was the role that PBS’ Jim Lehrer played. He acted more like Mr. Rodgers than a world class journalist. He permitted the combatants to romp all over him, he made the NFL replacement refs look positively competent.

This week also saw the release of some interesting statistics on the jobless rate. For the first time since Obama took office the unemployment rate has dipped below 8%. There are elements of the ‘right’ that are calling foul! Have the books been cooked?

Also joining us on air will be author, activist, and bar owner Sam Moffie, and Southern California based attorney Peter Haven.

It should be an interesting program and I do hope that you tune in at 4pm eastern to hear what the team has to say.

Simon Barrett

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