For decades the stereotype of the comic book or sci-fi geek has run rampant in pop culture. This is well enough known that the current number 2 video on VH1’s countdown is Weird Al Yankovich’s parody song “White and Nerdy” which centers on the difference between the comic book collecting, Stephen Hawking reading, pocket protectored nerd and the hip, cool gangster who (stereotypically) has no clue what HTML or AV clubs are.
     But if reading science fiction authors makes one a nerd or geek, how much more of one do you have to be to center your life around flying a rocket belt? 
      I suppose it has everything that should be cool…exploring the frontiers of human achievement, danger, flight…but somehow, at the end of the day you still just expect to see a guy with plaid pants, a striped shirt and buck teeth expounding on G-forces, thrust, gravitation, and mathematical formulas that the majority of the population neither understands…nor wishes to understand.
    Good luck with that and happy flying.

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