It never ceases to amaze me that so many Americans blindly jump to support any new government run program which promises to make their life easier. It takes a minimal amount of research into past government social programs to prove that this is almost never the case. The government has; time and again, proven itself to be one of the most inefficient entities at accomplishing any task. From idea to implementation, our federal government will always find the slowest and most costly way of getting things done.

Take for example the recent (if you want to call it that) report from Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the commander on the ground in Afghanistan. On August 30th he detailed a report to President Obama which, above all other things, requested 40,000 more troops be dispatched to the region immediately to prevent the current U.S. forces in the country from losing their foothold, thus causing the mission there to fail.

Today is October 1st. No decision has been made yet. Our President and his administration are still considering the request 30 days later!!! The military expert, with eyes on exactly what is taking place in Afghanistan, has stated that our mission there will likely fail without 40k more troops on the ground and President Obama is still contemplating the request over a month later.

There are so many things wrong with that scenario I don’t know where to start. Thirty days to make a decision on mission accomplishment and lives of young American servicemen?? I must deduce from the time spent pondering the request that Obama is actually considering not granting it. If that is true, why have a Commander on the ground if you are not going to trust his recommendations? I believe if I were Gen McChrystal I would resign my post if I were treated in this disrespectful of a manner. Is Obama, with his vast military experience, going to actually tell the General he is wrong on his assessment?

Meanwhile, back in the actual combat zone, our troops are undermanned and waiting for their reinforcements. They’ve been waiting a month, and will continue waiting much longer, for even if the decision is finally made to send them, they don’t just show up there overnight like in a game of Risk. If the decision is made not to send reinforcements is Obama going to pull the military out of Afghanistan? If he is not going to give the military the tools they need to accomplish their mission, then he can’t exactly leave the remaining there to be sitting ducks. Or maybe he can…he is, after all, the President of The United States, CEO of the Automotive industry, Savior of the Banking Industry, Spender above all Spenders of taxpayers money that does not yet exist, and Grand Poobah to ACORN…ooops!! My mistake…they deleted that title from the record.

Getting back to my point. If it takes this long for this administration to give a yes or no response on a time sensitive issue like sending reinforcements to a war zone, how smoothly do you think the government taking over healthcare will be? How long will it take to have decisions made regarding your health and wellness? Look at what a debacle the “Cash For Clunkers” program has been. Most dealerships are still waiting for the federal funds promised to them by this program. I think we, as Americans need to take back our liberty and start our own “Clunker Removal” program with our elected leaders. They need to be replaced with more efficient models which will support liberty, justice, and the Constitution.

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