My guitar wants to kill your mama. No, just kidding. That’s just an old Frank Zappa song.

And now Berlin is honoring him by naming a street in Marzahn-Hellersdorf after him. They are going to call it: Frank Zappa Straße. Not necessarily for that song, but still. And whoever said that brown shoes don’t make it? He did, of course. And it kinda goes like this:

Brown shoes don’t make it
Brown shoes don’t make it
Quit school, why fake it?
Brown shoes don’t make it?
TV dinner by the pool
Watch your brother grow a beard
Got another year of school
You’re OK, he’s too weird
Be a plumber He’s a bummer
He’s a bummer every summer
Be a loyal plastic robot
For a world that doesn’t care
Smile at every ugly
Shine on your shoes and cut your hair
Be a jerk and go to work Be a jerk and go to work
Be a jerk and go to work Be a jerk and go to work
Do your job, and do it right
Life’s a ball! (TV tonight!)
Do you love it, do you hate it?
There it is, the way you made it (WOOOooow)

Talk about your overnight sensation.

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