Lots of stuff in the news that might be terrorism.

An attack near the Israeli Embassy in the Mauritania kills three people sitting in a nearby restaurant. Nope, it’s not that they were the gang that couldn’t shoot straight, it was that those in the restaurant wouldn’t shoot back and it gave them time to run away when the security guards of the embassy started to run out and try to stop the murders.

It’s all about protesting Israel against Gaza, of course. Never mind about the hundreds of rockets fired into Israel (which rarely make the headlines). And never mind that hundreds of thousands of fellow Muslims are dying in Dafur, which is a lot closer to Mauritania (which is in North Africa, just south of Morocco) than Gaza. Blame Israel for everything, and if you can’t blame Israel, blame Bush.

A Tuna plant in the southern Philippines was bombed; the police won’t say it is terrorism  until they rule out accidents or business rivals, but all things point to the AlQaeda related Abu Sayyaf group behind the bomb, since it exploded when workers were leaving (usually the NPA doesn’t try to hit workers, and business related bombs are usually at night).

As I wrote earlier, the same guys put one hat on and they are freedom fighters for Islam, then they change hats and they are Tony Soprano doing hits and bombing businesses for money. The ASG has a lot of bomb makers who fled Indonesia in the last few years, so this bomb is probably their work. And the fact that a lot of the workers are Muslim doesn’t count.

But don’t blame this one on Bush: The war in the South has been going on since 1898, and only the extremists didn’t go along with the peace treaty in 1998, and the remainder are busy making nice trying to get a piece of the pie negotiating a new peace treaty. Which is probably the reason behind the blast: Making peace means money and development, and most people just want to be left in peace…so to keep war going, you have to hit the “soft targets” like priests and businesses to make your point.
Then there was the car bomb in Algeria.
Few Americans know that there was a nasty civil war by Islamicists  in the 1990’s that killed over 100 thousand, mainly civilians, in that country that has now revived thanks to Alqaeda.

Presumably the left will blame Bush for these deaths, ignoring the many more deaths on Clinton’s watch.

Then we have the latest “suicide bombing” in Baghdad. The pet market was hit again, so the victims would include lots of women and children. (where is PETA when we need them?). Since most of the “suicide bombers” in Iraq have been Saudi or from North Africa, security would have picked them up.

CNN International’s announcers, both with British accents (there are few Americans on CNN International), were absolutely gleeful last night reporting this. Come on, fellah (and gal). At least the BBC doesn’t grin when they report the headlines. Your bias is showing…

But this time, the bombers were known to the security people, and were women.

But later reports say that one or both women were retarded, probably with Down’s syndrome, and the explosives set off by remote control…so much for dying for 72 virgins. It’s easier to use the retarded to do your dirty work. They don’t understand what is going on.
From the London Daily Mail:

local police said the woman in the first attack sold cream in the morning at the market and was known to locals as “the crazy lady”. …

The market has been bombed a number of times, with about 10 people killed in two separate blasts there in January and February last year.

The latest blast was the worst in Baghdad for six months. Fifty people were killed when a fuel truck exploded in the capital on Aug. 1 last year.

So there you have it.

Killing innocent Muslims in the name of their death cult.

And if  you don’t think that Muslims in these countries don’t notice their own people being killed, you are wrong.

Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. Her website is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket. 

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