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The contortions a strict fundamentalist religion must go through to keep its flock in line is mind boggling while explaining the mysteries of God’s universe. In the middle ages, the grip of the Catholic Church on knowledge was absolute and what passed as intellectual discourse were debates on how many angels can dance on the head of pin.

Other such ecclesiastical ‘thought experiments’ were whether “Christ was not an hermaphrodite [and] whether there are excrements in Paradise.” He might also have mentioned such Thomistic puzzlers as whether the hair and nails will grow following the Resurrection, and whether or not said Resurrection will take place at night.

Thankfully, Christianity had its reformation and the Renaissance closed such mindless thumb sucking problems.

Fast forward to today – Islam today, as a matter of fact.

Muslim authorities in Dubai, acknowledging the synergy of technology and tadition, Thursday confirmed that a Muslim divorce can be carried out via a mobile phone text message or SMS. The country’s Grand Mufti, Ahmed al-Haddad, who issued a fatwa on the subject, noted: “Islamic clerics disagreed over the way divorce can be written.”

“While some said writing a divorce is equivalent to verbally announcing it, others believe a divorce must be documented by writing and can only be applied when there is intention and when it is read aloud.”

Hmmm…. Such a quandary.

Al-Haddad said he believed an Islamic judge or “mufti” is able judge a divorce case filed via a mobile phone SMS, based on any of the two opinions by choosing what is most applicable to the couple’s circumstances.

“Divorce through this modern way is not different from using a pen and a paper,” he said. In Islam, if a husband seriously and verbally tells his wife “you are divorced”, they should be separated even without a formal certification of divorce.

I wonder if some of the serial marriage celebrities envy Muslims. Could have helped Anna Smith, no?

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