On Saturday at 1pm central we will be airing a very special program, Anatomy Of A Bank Robbery. We have all read about bank heists, we see news reports on the TV, but what do we really know about a bank heist? The answer is very little.

In 1996 a New Jersey bank was hit, it was the Thursday before a long weekend. The bank had been cased for weeks. The money delivery always happened at the same time on Thursday. Generally speaking the Armored car would drop off two bags of cash. With it being a long weekend the robbers guessed that the delivery would be larger than usual. That guess was correct, four bags of cash.

Their weeks of reconnaissance revealed a short coming in the delivery system. The time of day was when the bank was very busy, the tellers had no time to put the money in the vault. The delivery people merely put the bags behind the counter, and there they sat until someone had time to move them.

Two of the robbers were ready, as the delivery guys, who were armed, left the bank, they entered, one jumped the counter, threw two of the bags to his accomplice and took the other two bags himself. There was no violence, no threats, no weapons, the heist was all over in a matter of seconds.

I will be sitting down with two bank robbers on Saturday. One is Andrew DiDonato who is an ex Gambino crime family member, and the other, for reasons of personal security prefers to be know only as Joe. Joe had an 18 year career as a bank robber, oh do not get the idea that he would walk into a bank and pass a note saying ‘I have a gun, give me the money’. These hits were precision, these hits pulled in big dollars, the largest of which was $870,000.

Joe eventually got caught, and that story is worthy of a book. Someone called 911 assuming that he was stealing some Washers and Dryers from a used appliance store. This is a story that you will not want to miss.

Andrew DiDonato’s story is equally unique, the job he finally got busted on was not a Gambino sanctioned job, it was members of different crime families that participated in an unlikely collusion.

Also joining us will be crime writer and author Denny Griffin. Denny is currently working with Andrew DiDonato on a biography and knows a great deal about this particular story.

I was talking to Andrew yesterday and I discovered that this was not the only bank job he had been involved in. I asked that ugly question of how many? There was a slight pause in the conversation while he considered the ramifications of his next statement, “I admitted to three”, was the reply. Make of that what you will!

Joe is a different case. I get the impression that he learned the art of bank robbery around the same time he learned to walk!

If you are a fan of true crime, this is a program that you will not want to miss. The direct link is here.

Simon Barrett

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