By Shimon Z. Klein

The situation in Gaza is running out of control and the Unity Government brokered by the Saudis is on the verge of total collapse. Factional fighting between Hamas and Fatah resulting in deaths on both sides is increasing. Attempts are being made by various Palestinian factions to prevent this. While the respite in fighting may cease temporarily, the rift between Hamas and Fatah is widening. Complicating the matter even further is the continuous firing of Qassam rockets into Israel causing injury and damage. 

It is becoming more difficult to understand the motives behind the Palestinian struggle. The factional fighting between Hamas and Fatah is tearing Palestinian aspirations for independence from the occupation apart. There is a power struggle between the two sides that is moving out of control. As much as many of us would like to see the end of the occupation and the establishment of a viable Palestinian state, independent economically and based on democracy, justice and peace, this will remain an ever evasive dream.


Palestinians went to the polls to vote for a new government one and a half years ago. They voted out the corrupt Fatah Palestinian Authority and voted in a Hamas Government, which promised clean government and a better future for the Palestinian people. Today there are no signs that they kept their electoral promises. All they did was continuing their non-pragmatic and irreconcilable hate for Israel and fomenting violence between the various Palestinian factions. Hamas and its military wing are involved in fraternal strife and intrigue. They are not interested in putting the Palestinian house in order and assuming responsible government. There have been no attempts to build institutes and infra-structures, which would provide the Palestinian with meaningful employment, not to mention economic viability and prosperity. Hamas and their allies seem more interested in gaining power at a great cost in blood to outlaw any opposition by violence. They do not intend to share power. They wish to establish a radical Islamist state which would destroy all vestiges of democracy. They wish to rule by the sword.


Anarchy is the result and the Palestinian people are being terrorized by the Hamas violence in Gaza. The situation is further complicated by the firing of Qassam rockets into Sderot to commemorate Al Naqba (the catastrophe). Today and for the last couple of years, life in Sderot has been shear hell for its citizens. An end to the occupation is the dream of most Israelis today. There is no Palestinian Authority capable of maintaining law and order and ensuring good government. This fact must be admitted with great pain! If more territory is handed over unilaterally to the Palestinians, a vacuum will be created that will be filled rapidly by Hamas terrorists. There will be no government in Palestine, but a ruling class of war mongers and terrorists, which will not only be a threat to Israel, but also to the Palestinian people themselves. This would create the ideal conditions for Iran to extend its influence and re-arm the various factions for its own personal gains. Al Qaeda factions would also find the situation ripe for their increased presence in the Gaza strip as well.

There is only one reason behind the firing of Qassam rockets into Israel and this is to minimize the factional fighting between Hamas and Fatah and to create unity between them. They are doing this in the hope that Israel will retaliate. Israeli retaliation will then unite the various warring Palestinian factions as they run screaming to the UN to draft another anti-Israel revolution condemning Israel for “genocide and ethnic cleansing”. This ranting and raving by Hamas and its allies are very successful in gaining support for their cause of artificial unity between the warring power seeking Palestinian factions.


It would be wise of Israel not to retaliate to the Qassam rocket fire for these reasons. A sign of strength is gritting one’s teeth and bearing the Qassam onslaught, taking appropriate precautions to minimize damage and loss of life as much as possible. Any other tactic of retaliation would play into the hands of Hamas.


While the chaos and anarchy continues between Hamas and Fatah, the chances of an end to the occupation being replaced by a viable Palestinian state remains remote as there is nobody on the Palestinian side capable of taking over from Israel. This is an unfortunate irrefutable reality! Hamas is a cancerous growth in Palestinian society! Those responsible for its creation are now reaping the fruits of chaos, anarchy and hate. Responsible government and an orderly end to the occupation are not in the lexicon of the Hamas Covenant which makes their intentions clear.


The Mickey Mouse cartoons that are used to brainwash children to become suicide bombers is a sign of the Hamas disease of hate and terror. There is great potential there for “genocide and ethnic cleansing” of the Jews true to Hamas style. (See clip 1446) 




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