Police received a call with complaints that a man in one of the rooms in a hotel near Disneyland was exposing himself to children and adults.

Two officers arrived just before 8 am. They found a man that they believed to be the one the complaints were made against in the parking lot getting into a small compact type car. When they started to approach the man shots rang out striking one of the officers in the leg. The man drove off after that.

Officers drove after the man who drove off into heavy traffic in Anaheim, hitting several cars on the way before he stopped his car and got out on the freeway aiming his gun at the police officers following him. The police shot back and he was struck and killed at the scene. 

A woman motorist driving on the highway was also hit and injured during the second round of shots fired but it hasn’t been determined if she was hit by the gunman or the policemen. They say she only has a superficial wound.

Police Sgt. Rick Martinez also said that the officer shot in the leg was not seriously hurt either.

Jan Barrett

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