Dear Friends,

Hi! How are you? It’s great that you are out there making viral videos and throwing “Tea Parties” to raise money for your man, Ron Paul. It is outstanding that you are so invested in the coming election and that you’re willing to get behind a clear dark horse candidate like Dr. Ron Paul. I applaud you, I really do, for your passionate support and undying struggle to give the vast American voting public a better choice than, “a giant douche and a turd sandwich.” Hats off to you.

I understand your enthusiasm for Ron Paul. I really do and I think it’s great, truly. Much of what Ron Paul stands for is worth embracing and he makes many salient points in the debates, despite being painted as a Kucinich-like lunatic. I agree with Ron Paul on issues such as the economy and our ever sinking dollar, especially in the face of the rising euro. Certainly a vote for Ron Paul is a vote for restoring stability to the falling dollar. I agree with Ron Paul on his ideas about reducing government spending and the overall size of government. Surely a government that spends millions on a bridge to nowhere is one that is far out of control and apparently living on planet “Money Tree.” Now I disagree with Ron Paul on his isolationist foreign policy ideas and specifically his assertion that Iran is not a direct threat to the United States, while they are still the main financial and political support for the terrorist group Hezbollah, but that’s OK. This is America and we can be free to disagree.

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