We’re incensed that during this recession, while we have lost our jobs, homes, and savings, you had the audacity, the arrogance to take a $4,600 raise.
We’re angry that you abuse the privilege of your office to arrange large, non competitive federal contracts for your spouse’s company; accept sweetheart mortgages on your houses; don’t pay income tax on rental properties; buy homes and cottages at below market prices; and on and on.
We’re fed up with the good-old-boy, ineffective Congressional Ethics Committees that overlook all of your transgressions.
We’re dissatisfied that you represent special interests instead of your constituents.
We resent the contentious politicization of issues that prevents compromise. 
Stop reacting to crises by passing hastily, conceived bills that require a continuum of legislation to compensate for the unexpected consequences.
Stop adding wasteful earmarks/pork to legislation that contributes to our enormous national debt.
Stop excluding yourself from legislation, in this country all men are created equal.
Don’t even consider a cap and trade bill unless it is a world wide effort.
Don’t pass a mandatory national health care program, in which you will be exempt, that Americans don’t want because it eliminates our choices and is too expensive.
We object to providing free insurance and overly generous pensions to you.
We oppose all the overseas junkets you, your family and staff take unnecessarily.
Heed our concerns; your career may be in jeopardy. 
Send this blog to Congress, now, to express your dissatisfaction. Then, in the next election, vote against these self-serving rascals, you owe it to your grandchildren and future generations. 
Art Woodrow


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