A website www.mumbai69.com has been issuing an interesting advertisement through bulk SMS messages in Bangalore which states “Voice Changing ..mobiles available”. The website contains more information on the mobile which is priced at Rs 5750/-. The website also states what may be the use of this interesting device. It states “To Avoid-some critical situations. useful at many occasion”.

It is left to the imagination of the public what could be the occasions in which this device would be useful. Ofcourse one would be for genuine fun. But it appears to any person of ordinary prudence that more than the genuine uses, this device has more illegal uses.. for impersonating another’s voice or atleast to hide one’s own voice which cannot be for any justifiable reasons.

The website is registered in the name of Privacyprotect.org with a PO Box address. (It is illegal to register a domain name under false name). Privacyprotect.org itself is registered by Directi Internet solutions Pvt ltd (Mumbai based domain name registrar) with a PO Box address of the registrant.

It is necessary for the Police to investigate and determine if this service is likely to be a tool in the hands of the terrorists and extortionists and if used by them whether the Intermediaries such as Directi are prepared to take the liabilities.

This is also a fit case for CERT-In to discuss if Directi has followed “Due Diligence” in the process of registration of this domain name which has the potential for being misused. We request Mumbai Police to investigate the ownership of the domain as well as the list of all persons who place orders with the company for the “Voice changing mobiles”.

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