G. G. Elvis And The TCP band are quite the multimedia event. Who can resist a band that performs Elvis covers? Who can resist a band that even dresses a la Elvis? Well how about a band that does all of the above, and is rooted in the punk genre?

Sometimes the cover players do it better than the original artist. A good example of that is the song That’s Alright Mama, Compare the original to G.G.Elvis, which one do you prefer?

They have just about to release a new album Back From The Dead, having friends in low places I managed to get my hands on a pre-release copy, and it is great! I decided to track down the leader of this bunch of miscreants, Elvis himself, and ask him a few questions.

Thanks for taking time to talk with us, I certainly appreciate it. It is not everyday you get to chat with Elvis.

I was really impressed with your latest CD Back From The Dead. Can you tell us a little about your band?

Well Thank you, thank you very much. First off I’m Elvis of Nazareth, when I was Elvisized I took on Elvis’s spiritual nature. Then there is Has-Been Elvis who is the washed up, down and out persona. And there’s Elvis ’56 the rebel, girl crazy side of Elvis. Next is the 2 lip snarls that rocked the music biz Sid Vicious and Elvis together to form Elvis Vicious. The sweet sounds and eye candy of Little Sister and Boobie Ho-Tep on backing vocals and of course G.G. Elvis the combined brains of the 2 kings of Rock and Roll in one convenient package.

There are lots of bands that do covers, and plenty of Elvii out there, but you folks have taken it to new highs, Punk. Where on earth did you get the idea from?

In our ever quest to fight boredom and complacency, we have been getting together and jamming for quite sometime. When our original bands were not being active a few of us would play around. We would throw out there anything from The Cock Rockers (our punkification of metal ballads) to The Mangels, where all of us dressed as hot chicks trashing Bangles songs with titles like “Walk like a Cro-magnon”. When Has-Been, before he was Has-Been, threw Elvis out there it hit the wall and stuck.

My wife is a bit of a conventionalist, she maintains that Elvis is dead! How little she knows! Actually she likes Elvis a lot, and she was less than enthusiastic with the punkification, whereas I thought it added some zip to an otherwise dreadfully boring artist. What kind of feedback have you been getting about your variation?

Man, the whole gamut. Whereas a few open-minded Elvis fans think it’s slightly amusing. The Elvis purist would like to see us burned at the stake. We’ve got some crazed fans that just love us. Sometimes the crowds will be slamming and singing along and sometimes just standing there in bewilderment. It’s all good to us.

I listen to a lot of music, however I am no expert. I suspect though, that you guys merge in other influences, am I right?

Absolutely. Part of the fun is creating a mash-up of a classic punk song with an Elvis hit. Or sometimes it’s the punk song music with the Elvis song lyrics. Or we’ll just play the song straight but crunchier and faster.

How are sales going with this CD?

The CD is not actually for sale yet. G.G. Elvis and the TCP Band – Back From The Dead from Mental Records has an official street date of June 24th 2008. But with the internet and myspace and youtube, people know our stuff pretty good.

Many bands spend their entire lives playing only in local venues. It has nothing to do with how good they are, it has everything to do with promotion and buzz. This gets you noticed. And getting noticed moves you up the food chain. Are you getting noticed?

This has been an amazing fast ride. We had been together only 3 months, when Mental requested we do an album with them. We went from playing local bars to showcasing at SXSW and now a European tour this Sept. All of this in a little over a year!

We live in a ‘wired’ Elvis world, where can people find out more about GG Elvis And The TCP Band?

Please visit www.ggelvis.com  , befriend us at www.myspace.com/ggelvis and check out the greatest label at www.mentalrecords.net they’ve got some real good stuff there – T4 project, Chesterfield, TSR etc.

My wife wants to know if you get mobbed by screaming fans when you go out for a cheeseburger and fries?

That’s the best part, with our costumes on it’s like a scene from the Beatles flick Hard Day’s Night. 1000’s of crazed girls (and guys) chasing us down the street, in and out doors like Scooby Doo. But one quick duck behind a wall, pull off the wig and glasses and we can walk right past all the puzzled masses. Sweet.

What else would you like to tell us?

Just that we’re having a blast and we would love for everyone to come and share the fun with us.

Thank you, thank you very much. uh huh.

It has been great talking with you, and good luck with Back From The Dead 

Simon Barrett


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