There are hundreds and hundreds of music genres, and new ones seem to crop up constantly. I recently stumbled upon a band from a Scandinavian country who are pioneers in Prog Metal Folk music. I will not divulge the bands name for two reasons, one because the name is completely unpronounceable, and two, the music likely contravenes the latest Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty. Heavy Metal and Bagpipes just do not mix!

Almost every genre of music can be traced to an innovator, one musician or band that started a particular movement. The 1960’s saw the rise of Bubblegum. These songs were mainly aimed at the young teen female audience, were upbeat, and always contained a sing-along chorus. I’ll get some bad press for this, but in my opinion it was Bubblegum that inspired bands like Abba later.

Many people class Tommy Roe as the King Of Bubblegum. In 1962 he hit the road running with the hit single Sheila, and by 1969 owned the pop charts world wide with Dizzy.

Through lucky happenstance I discovered that two of my musician friends know Tommy, and before you could say Sweet Pea, we had an interview arraigned!

Tommy is now in his late 60’s but has decided to partially come out of retirement and do a few live performances. Billed as An Evening With Tommy Roe, they are bound to be sell out events. The first two concerts will be in May, unfortunately you will have to travel to Alberta or Saskatchewan Canada to catch them live. But my rumor mill is saying that some US and maybe European dates are in the works.

In preparation for the interview I spent some time delving into the Tommy Roe catalog, and I found a number of hidden gems, gems that few people have heard of, but he will be performing live.

There is one song in particular When A Bluebird Cries, this has 60’s Billboard #1 hit written all over it. Why didn’t it chart? Tommy Roe spent time in the interview to tell me the whole story behind Bluebird. I was speechless (not a good thing for a radio host hahaha).

Rather than spoil the plot I suggest that you listen to Tommy Roe tell this strange story yourself. You can listen to the entire one hour interview by using this link. You will also get to listen to five of his songs including the wonderful Bluebird.

I interview many people, but few ar as interesting or engaging as Tommy Roe. And on a personal note to Tommy, Jans cheeks are still glowing from having the opportunity to talk with you. I managed a weeks worth of brownie points for that! (Oops, lost them, she just read the article!).

Tommy Roe can be found online at

Simon Barrett

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