It was my great pleasure to have an opportunity to sit down one on one with Metal maven Tommy Rocker. He may not be a household name today, but he is certainly headed for the big time. I was talking to a friend of mine yesterday, a fellow reviewer and fan of the Metal scene, Andrew knew exactly who Tommy Bones is and gushed praise for him “Fun, vibrant, exciting” were just a few words he used to describe this guy.

Tommy calls Houston, Texas home and explained that Houston actually has a very active alternative music scene.

Tommy Bones has just released a new self titled EP with 5 tracks on it, he confirmed that a full length album is in the works, and hopes to have the project completed this year.

On the subject of who his collaborators are he was somewhat evasive, right now he is just playing with friends, and a final band line up has not been determined.

When you mention ‘economic recession’ these days you think banks and auto industry, alas the economic woes in this country are running deep. It is apparently affecting the live music scene as well. Tommy Bones is a live performer but has decided to hunker down in the studio rather than tour for the next little while.

He also waxed lyrical on the subject of modern music genres, particularly the obnoxious ‘thing’ known as Rap. That was without doubt an interesting part of the interview, and for once I am glad I was not on a regular radio station, I think I likely would have incurred the wrath of the FCC 🙂

You can catch the entire interview here, oh, and as a bonus you will get to hear a couple of tracks from the new EP.

Simon Barrett

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