There are so many bands out there today that it is impossible to keep up with them all. I gave up trying to follow them all years ago! I sit surrounded by music, a couple of years ago it was just wobbly piles of CD’s, today it is wobbly piles of large cardboard boxes full of CD’s!

I have to admit that I have become somewhat picky about who I listen to (well hell I am in my 50’s I can be picky if I want to be)!

New bands hit the scene all of the time, but, sometimes the band maybe new, yet the musicians qualified. That indeed is the case with Brilliant Sun.

The glue behind Brilliant Sun is Steve Lee Phelps, a guy with a long history in not just making music, but also writing about music. As a journalist in England he interviewed Sir Paul McCartney. As a musician he has played with the best of the best.

Steve graciously agreed to be a guest on our Week In Reviews radio show. A better guest I could not wish for, eloquent, knowledge, and informative. A rare beast indeed in todays music scene!

Brilliant Sun have a very beatlesque sound to them, they specialize in light almost pop oriented arrangements, and songs that tell a story. People that know me also know that I am no fan of The Beatles, in fact I have never owned a single record by them. But that is not to say that I do not appreciate their contribution to the music world. Brilliant Sun, and Steve Lee Phelps as their main songwriting force have created a wonderful brand of music.

The debut album, bearing the not too surprising title of Brilliant Sun is testament to their great abilities. Just because a song has a light musical sound does not mean that it is not well crafted.

Interestingly enough Steve got his big recording break back in the 80’s when he was playing with The Shout. The label was the infamous punk oriented Mystic Records out of LA, a far cry from Brilliant Sun!

Steve was my guest on Blogger News’ Week In Reviews radio show, you can hear the entire interview, and get to listen to a couple of tracks from the new album here.

Simon Barrett

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