I have always had a soft spot for Stackridge, in the early 1970’s they seemed destined as the next great band, alas, as was so prevalent in that period, the cohesion of the members was lost in the maelstrom of life. Being a member of a popular band was akin to a polygamous marriage, the 24/7 relationship with your band members begins to wear thin.

The members went their separate ways in 75-76. 2007 heralded the return of Stackridge, older, wiser, and maybe more tolerant, they decided to try again.

Several months ago the band started to hear rumors that a late night CBS TV host was playing some of their music. In the blink of an eye, actually, I am not telling the truth! The truth is, after a couple of months of planning, soul searching, and huge fan support the band crossed the pond to appear on The Craig Ferguson Late Late Show for Right now it is an unknown as to the date that the segment will air, but it should be within the next 3-4 weeks.

I managed to catch up to them while they were enjoying the final two days of their adventure. I located them in Palm Springs, California.

A couple of phone calls and we were set for live radio!

It took a little arm twisting to get them out of the pool, and I do hope that they are not going to be returning home burned to a crisp as a result of the relentless sun in the Imperial Valley!

Flight Attendant: Can I get you a very overpriced and very small drink, and for $10 extra a very small bag of peanuts?

Stackridge: Do you have any Aloe Vera, or other sun burn salves?

oh to be a fly on that wall…

I have digressed. Stackridge did make it to the radio program (seconds to spare), and it was a great interview. We also got to listen to Boots and Shoes, and Red Squirrel.

A wonderful 45 minutes, and you can enjoy it online, or on your i(thing) it is available on iTunes as a free download.

What a great adventure! Stackridge, are fun! The are old enough to know better, but young enough to still have a good time. Check out their web site here.
Simon Barrett

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