He may not be a household name in the US yet but he certainly is making a name for himself in Europe and Japan. Air play in the US has become the holy grail. There are millions of stations, but more, is not always better. Take a look at your cable TV system for example, I have lots of channels to choose from, but they all basically carry the same rubbish. The entertainment business has become one that you need to be famous already, before you can become famous.

As an independent reviewer, I get to select my own poison. I have no play lists that I must follow, no label affinity. Very much I just select music that I like.

Tokyo Rosenthal hit my radar a few weeks ago when an acquaintance of mine suggested that I give Tokyo’s latest CD Love Won Out a listen. I was instantly impressed and went looking for more, I found a 2007 CD One Score And Ten, this also proved to be a very well put together album.

I managed to track down Tokyo in North Carolina where he was recovering from one road trip and preparing for the next. With shelf space lacking in record stores, and radio dwindling many musicians find that constantly touring is the only way to get their music in front of the fans.

You can listen to this fascinating interview in its entirety from our radio show The Week In Reviews.

Simon Barrett

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