I have a soft spot for Tokyo Rosenthal, to me he is the very definition of an Americana performer. Yet Tokyo like so many other great artists gets more recognition in Europe than in his home country.

He has just released a killer new single Mister Tell Me ‘Bout The Great Depression, this is a song that is amazingly timely. It is not about 1929, but 2009. It was penned in the waning days of the Bush presidency and represents much of the resentment that the little guys feels about what was happening with the economy, or more importantly how it directly effects them.

Mister Tell Me ‘Bout The Great Depression is a wonderfully crafted piece of work. Oddly enough it is up beat, a refection backward in time, not a whine about the many and various bailouts we are dealing with. Banks, Auto Makers, and just about everyone else except musicians and reviewers seem to be ‘cap in hand’ begging for money.

Musicians as a bunch are a hardy lot. Taking the good times with the bad.

To have a successful track you need two things, a great song, which this is, and just a little bit of luck, getting it into the right ear drums. Tokyo’s solution? To go on what he refers to as a Loretta Lynn car tour. To go radio station to radio station talking to DJ’s and show producers. It is a lot of work but Tokyo maintains that this system works.

You can catch the entire interview here, you will also get to hear the new single Mister Tell Me ‘Bout The Great Depression, and two tracks from his very successful album Love Won Out.

Simon Barrett


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