The band Nektar has an interesting story behind it. Although all of the founding members were British they came together in Germany, Hamburg to be exact. This happened in 1969. The exact story of the founding is proof that fact is stranger than fiction. Roye Albrighton happened to be in Hamburg on a bit of a hiatus, he had no clear idea of what the future held. Hamburg is a night time city, nothing much happens during the daylight hours. One afternoon Roye was enjoying a stroll in one of the more exotic parts of the city when he heard a drummer practicing in a night club. The club was closed, but the doors were open. Roye investigated, and started talking to the drummer, that man was Ron Howden.

Both were bored, and Roye asked if he could sit in on the afternoon drum practices as he could play along on guitar. The two became friends. Eventually Roye returned to England and it was some months later that a telegram arrived. It transpired that the session band that Ron Howden played in had lost their guitar player, would Roye care to play with them? And so Nektar was born.

They enjoyed great success in Germany, and indeed in the US.

Nektar went strong for over a decade, but in the 1980’s the band members went their separate ways. In 2000 though Roye and Ron decided to rekindle the Nektar fire. They have not looked back since.

I managed to get Roy Albrighton to sit down with me and talk about his interesting career and the new Nektar live album Fortyfied.

You can catch the entire interview here, and you will also get the additional bonus of hearing two tracks from the new album.

Simon Barrett

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