Identity Theft seems to have reached epidemic proportion over the past few years. For years Identity Theft was viewed as a victim-less crime. Who cares if the banks and credit card companies get ripped off? This view is erroneous, there is most certainly a victim, the person who’s identity is stolen suffers long and hard.

Robert Siciliano has become one of the leading experts on the subject, he has appeared on all of the major networks and has been quoted in just about every major newspaper in the US. He is also a regular writer for Blogger News Network.

One of his recent articles caught my eye, he managed to buy a used ATM machine, the sort that you find in convenience stores, gas stations, and bars. For the low, low price of $750, he was in the money vending business, albeit in his garage. His actual intent was to explore how easy it would be to install a ‘card skimmer’ and camera to capture people entering their Pin Number.  What he found astounded even him. Still stored in the memory of the ATM were in excess of 1000 credit and debit card numbers! Even better is this interesting story.

Robert graciously agreed to do a radio interview with me, I had many questions about Identity Theft, I started with the idea that a 30 minute segment would suffice, then thought that 45 minutes would be better, but my list of questions kept growing. My solution was to book the studio for a full hour. Now I realize that we merely scratched the surface of the subject.

I am hoping that I can lure Robert back for a follow up program, I still have at least 2/3 of my questions unasked!

Identity Theft is a huge problem, it is time that everyone understands what it is, and how you can protect yourself.

You can listen to the entire interview with Robert Siciliano here. He also recommends that people check out ID Theft Security and

Simom Barrett

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