I have known Robert Hayes for several years, his company DocRocket specializes in creating web site content. The Internet of today is large and complex animal, for a company to get noticed it is important to score well with the search engines. If you are in the business of selling laptop computers you are likely to sell more if you are page one of a Google search than page 50.

Most small businesses, in fact even medium sized businesses do not have the luxury of having professional writers on staff, companies like DocRocket fill that void.

The mantra from people in the know is that ‘content is king’ in the battle for search engine positioning.

I decided it was high time to invite Robert Hayes onto our radio program and discuss the ins and outs of web site content. It was an interesting discussion and we covered many areas that will be of interest to anyone in the quest to improve their web presence. One thing that I came away with was that there is no single silver bullet that can be employed. There are many factors that must be taken into account.

DocRocket was created in 2002 and the company has worked in many diverse industries and services. I asked how he could possibly write in depth articles on so many different subjects. The key, he explained is having a large pool of writers, with something like 500 writers available, there is almost always someone that has the correct knowledge set, and if there is not, then research, research, research!

Robert also discussed such diverse topics as duplicate content and how that can hurt you, the role of external links to your web site, and the possible importance of the new social networking sites.

We also talked about page design, does glitz and glamor matter, or is content the only parameter with weight? Again it is a factor that needs to be assessed depending on the required goal of the page. He cited one of his clients who has a high end kitchen remodeling business, because of the nature of the work and the expense of the appliances involved the aesthetics of the web page play a very important role.

For the web site owner there are many tools available to maximize effectiveness, the key is deciding which tools best fit your particular needs.

Robert also stressed the importance of high quality content and the correct use of keywords. It is via keywords that people will find your content.

You can listen to the entire recording here.

Robert Hayes can be contacted via his web site www.docrocket.net.

Simon Barrett

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