I had an idea that this interview might not be the run of the mill interview with an author about his book. My hunch was right. Band of Innocence is not just a book, it is a movement. My review is here.

Robert has an illustrious resume that include being a musician for more than 20 years, and touring with bands such as the Spencer Davis Group. His latest adventure though is Band Of Innocence.

Or maybe it should be renamed Brand Of Innocence. Children are brought into the world and are intrinsically good, their memory is a clean slate. Good and bad are concepts that they learn through the process of growing up. The world alas has become a less than safe place, and children are often the victims. Their innocence is lost and the cycle repeats itself with the next generation.

Robert Agnello wants to break the cycle. Band Of Innocence is the very beginning of his quest. Robert has big plans, and he shared some of them with me in an interview. There are a series of ‘Kid Friendly’ cook books, well, if you are going to live clean, why not eat healthy?

He is trying to create a movement, and this is not such a wild idea as it sounds.  He wants to create a safe buy propecia online japan haven for our children, one that offers fun, but also the opportunity to learn and grow.

I do believe that we here at BNN scored a coup today. We played a song that Robert is working on, and he announced that it is part of a competition. You can listen to the raw and un-orchestrated version here. It is unfinished, and he wants a child to help him with the lyrics. The winner will be credited as co-writer, and be featured in the recording. “They might be just playing a tambourine, they may may be singing, but they will be on the record”.

He is also inviting children to help him add some color to the black and white drawings in the current version of the book. The best ones will be featured in a limited new edition, and the persons name will be printed at the bottom of the page.

You can listen to the entire interview here. Also be sure to check his web site out www.bandofinnocence.com

Robert is also very involved with the world of abused pets. In fact it turns out that he is hosting a program on the subject next Wednesday, you can find it here.

Simon Barrett

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