Cassie Draws The Universe is one of the best novels I have read in quite some time. I am sure that if you read my review you will understand the reasons why I have this opinion. Review is here.

Because of being somewhat busy with projects, my plan was to review the book, and put it on what my wife refers to as the ‘done pile’, then move on.

I could not, there was no way that I could rest easy, I had to track down the author and ask him my questions 🙂

A flurry of emails ensued. Oh, it was not the usual ‘can you do and interview on Tuesday’ type stuff. This was ‘thrust and parry’ about writing in general. We got onto the subject of George Orwell, and the die were cast!

I knew that I had to interview this guy! I do hundreds of hours of interviews every year. While I like to think they are in-depth, rarely do I really scratch the surface. I saw P. S. Baber as a worthy opponent. Oh, not in the sense of battle, more a person that would enjoy some verbal jousting.

He did not disappoint!

In fact I can guarantee that I will find a reason to interview him again. Maybe I will goad him some more about Orwell!

P.S. (and yes he does have a real name, but it is not for me to reveal, but to stop the online scuttlebutt it is not Phineas) has merely made me hungry for more!

It was a wide roaming interview, in 40 minutes we managed to talk about many subjects. In many ways P. S. Baber turned out to be exactly how I had imagined him while reading Cassie Draws The Universe.

P. S. spent a number of years as a High School English  teacher, and so I had decided that he likely based his character Mr. Cole on himself. While he did not deny that, he pointed out that parts of himself also shaped his main character Cassie.

It will be interesting to see where P. S. heads in his next book. One thing is for certain, it will be a fabulous read.

If you missed the live interview, you can listen in to the full recording here.

Simon Barrett

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