Nancy is a long time contributor to Blogger News, and writes on a variety of subjects from her home in the Philippines. I had the opportunity for a short interview with her.

I understand that you are a retired Doctor, where did you practice, and what kind of specialty?

I am a Family Practitioner. I have worked in two African countries, in rural US private practice, in an institution for the retarded, and in the Indian Health Service. My last job was in Oklahoma.

I took an early retirement because my husband, a doctor who was from the Philippines, wanted to retire to his home town a couple years ago. I don’t work here.

You now live in the Philippines, was it a culture shock moving there?

There was no culture shock in moving to the Philippines because we visited here every year after we married. Also, I had lived overseas in Africa when I was younger.
One of my interests  is cross culture medicine and customs.

Many of your articles have a medical slant, but I also have noticed that you are also pretty active writing about the technology infrastructure of micronesia. Are you seeing improvements?

We are a small city, but there are internet cafes for years. The kids who work here are all into technology: they all have blogs and facebook and stuff I don’t even do. Internet cafes are full of kids doing games during the lunch hour and Instant messaging friends.

A lot of them are more computer savvy than I am.

The towns outside the city have only had electricity for 20 years, but everyone has TV and cell phones, even our farmers, who often buy a family phone and text.

I compare this to the Philippines twenty years ago, and Africa 40 years ago, and it’s amazing. I write about it because people don’t realize the world is shrinking.

It doesn’t take much digging to see you are a fan of Linux. I run Linux, I basically got fed up continually reloading Windows, I saw a press release for Linspire, and have been running it for over 6 months. What is your story?

My story is that my laptop hard drive died, but the backup disks were in Chicago. I could either use illegal Windows or legal Linux. Out of curiosity, I tried Linux, and it works fine, so I kept it.

Do you see Linux making a dent in Bill Gates profits?

I don’t think that Linux will make a dent in Bill Gates profits, because for businesses, there is too much tweaking to do, and a lot of programs are in Windows only.
But for home use, or for those of us who don’t have money to buy programs but don’t want to use pirated programs (which are all over the place up here) it’s a good alternative.

You are what we at BNN call a founding member. I am not sure when you joined, but it was in the very early days, what attracted you to write for us?

I was doing essays on my main blog, but was afraid it was getting too serious for my relatives who read it. So I saw that  BNN was looking for writers, and I said what the heck.

So now I can bore people and get paid for it, while keeping my main blog for jokes and recipes and family news.

Your biography reads …and living in the Philippines with a large extended family. Would you like to enlighten us a little?

We live with my husband’s son’s family, but my husband put all his six nieces and nephews through school after his brother died, so he is like a father to them. They all have kids in college, so when we have parties we have twenty or thirty relatives here.

When you are not writing for BNN what are your hobbies and interests?

Reading books on history, crocheting, jogging, and caring for the five watch dogs. Here, everyone has watchdogs to keep the thieves away.

Thanks for taking time to chat with us, and thanks again for all of the great articles.

Simon Barrett

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