I had the good fortune to lure musician and composer Dan Pinto onto our Blog Talk Radio show The Week In Reviews. Dan has a long and illustrious history in the music world. Although he hung up his touring ‘boots’ a number of years ago, he continues to toil away in his private studio. I have not had the opportunity to visit it yet, but I have seen pictures. Dan is well equipped.

Dan loves the world of motion picture scores, but as he pointed out, it is a very hard business to break into. The ever innovative Dan Pinto has found a solution. If no one in the film business will give you a chance, just make your own full length movie! Die For Life is still under wraps, not even I could pry a copy out of Dan’s fingers! But you can rest assured that I will be continuing my efforts.

The world of the studio composer is slightly different from that of the live performer. There are different dynamics at work. While Dan Pinto does not rule out some performances in the future, there are some major issues. Touring with a full band is both an expensive and time consuming endeavor.

Featured in the interview are two tracks from his latest CD Anomalies, Labyrinth, a very prog rock inspired work and one that features the use of Synths taken to new heights. Labyrinth has been around for many years as a composition, but this version really hits the spot. The second track is Bermuda Triangle. a very different sound. One that has its roots more in the Jazz world than the Synth world.

You can catch the entire interview here. Dan also has a web site where you can find more examples of his work, and also more information about his varied interests.

Simon Barrett


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