I recently had the opportunity to read MJ Rusaw’s debut book The Tides of Eternity. You can find my review here. I liked the book a great deal, for a first time author it was a very well constructed story.

My research also showed that MJ Rusaw also had a story behind the story. I had to find out more!

I invited MJ Rusaw to join me around the table to talk about The Tides Of Eternity and life in general. He graciously agreed.

Reading a book is a highly personal experience, writing a book takes this concept to far greater heights. I am not a fan of the English Lit high school teacher who wants to kill a book though dissection on the laboratory bench, I believe that books are written to be enjoyed, not stuck under the microscope.

However, I also believe that every author leaves a piece of him or herself between the covers. You might even call it Literary DNA. The Tides Of Eternity exudes Literary DNA. At first this sounds strange, the book is in the fantasy genre. It is set in the far past and a work of pure fiction. The characters have strange names, some have strange powers, and the place they live is far different from our world today.

But, the story itself is timeless.

With MJ Rusaw chained to the table and chair, I spent 45 minutes grilling him. OK, thats a bit of an exaggeration, we talked for 45 minutes, and it was delightful.

Under interrogation I even managed to extract MJ’s real name! In fact I am pretty certain that using my interrogation techniques I could deal with the Gitmo terorists in under a week 🙂

Under the lights MJ also broke down and told me all about the cover art on the book.

Finally cracking under the pressure of this skilled verbal torturer MJ broke down and told me about his main characters.

Alright, I am exaggerating just a little about my brutal approach to interviewing MJ Rusaw. He is a very nice man who is very smart and has great values. His family is a huge part of his life. If you missed the live broadcast you can catch the MJ Rusaw version of the ‘Nixon Tapes’ here.

Simon Barrett

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