Michael Brant DeMaria has just released a new CD Siyotanka, and it is a sheer delight. Originally written as the score to a play, it is a musical retelling of a Native American legend Siyotanka. Literally translated it means Flute. It is a delightful coming of age story that explores what makes a man a man. Is it solely the ability to hunt and provide, or is there more?

I can honestly say that this CD has found a special place in my heart, it is nothing short of spectacular.

Michael uses traditional Native American instruments, in particular the wooden flute. It has a wonderful rich and yet illusive quality.

I managed to catch up with Michael and ask him a few questions about Siyotanka and life in general. Most musicians are simply that, they write and play music. Not so with Michael, this guy wears more hats than the ladies at the opening day of Ascot! He is has written a play, is a published author, a public speaker, and also runs his own consulting firm Ontos. He is also a clinical psychologist. And I thought I lived a busy life!

It was a great interview, and we also found time to play a couple of tracks from the album. Incidentally this CD made it to the #1 slot in the New Age music charts in February, and is currently still in the top 10.

Don’t be put off by that New Age label, this CD should be in everyones collection. It is one of the most soothing and haunting pieces of music I have heard in a very long time.

You can catch the entire interview here.

Simon Barrett


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