landscapeMary Martin is set to publish her third book in The Remembrance Trilogy. I had the opportunity to sit down with her and talk about Night Crossing, The Remembrance Trilogy, and her writing career in general.

She calls Toronto, Ontario home and started writing books about 10 years ago following many years experience in the legal profession. It should come as no surprise that her first three books The Osgood Trilogy are legal thrillers. Writers tend, for good reason, to write about subjects they are familiar with. The Remembrance Trilogy is a very different set of novels set in the art world. At front and center is Alexander Wainwright, a British landscape painter and winner of the renowned Turner Prize. Another character who makes appearances in the series is Rinaldo a conceptual artist who is more foe than friend.

I am always interested in how an author  develops a fictional character, it actually is quite an involved process. Rarely is one truly fictional, rather he or she is a melange of actual people. That is certainly the case in The Remembrance Trilogy.

I won’t spoil he surprise of who Alexander Wainwright and Rinaldo are, I will leave that for you to discover by listening to the recording of the interview which can be found here.

Mary Martin also is quite active online, her website is


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