I spend most of my time with Authors, Musicians, and Film Makers. I think it is fair to say that they are mostly eclectic and eccentric. The creative process is not an easy road.

I live in rural Mississippi, so how on earth I managed to bump into Washington State inventor Mack Burleson is still a bit of a mystery to me. But we did!

The really great inventions are joys of simplicity. They make life better not more complex. This is one of the reasons that I own no iThings. I hate stuff that the operators manual is bigger than the gizmo. If the instruction manual is more than a couple of pages, well I switch off. I like products that are easy to deal with. There are two phrases that scare me to death, ‘batteries not included’ and ‘some assembly required’.

I spent several ‘unhappy’ years facing these challenges on Christmas Eve. Toiling to 3am to create a Barbie extravaganza or (the one I remember best) Castle Grayskull. It sucked, it was 3am by the time I put it together. It was less than three hours later that I was marveling at the largesse of Santa!

I can think of no-one that enjoys the chore of taking the garbage out. I look at it and assume that my stepson will do it. My wife meanwhile could not care less who takes it out, as long as someone does.

Unfortunately I work at home, so I am a prime target for garbage duty. My wife is slick, it is never just one bag, she always manages to find other stuff, boxes, small grocery bags full of who knows what, etc.


I unlock and open the back door. That way I have a clear path for the trip to the garbage can. I make my run to dump the ‘goodness’ that Jan has given me, and then the trouble starts. I was born with only two arms, and both of them are occupied with bags and boxes. How the hell do you open the lid to the damn thing? Simple, I put everything down, flip the lid, pick everything up again, toss it in, swear a little under my breath, and then close the lid.

I hate the whole deal! Living in Mississippi the garbage cans are not refrigerated as they are in more northern states. This means that when you open the lid you get a whiff of the odorous olfactory sensation.

It sucks! But alas garbage is a part of life, we just need to streamline the icky bits.

Mack Burleson is an inventor, and while he cannot prevent garbage, he at least is making it a little easier.

I sat down with Mack, you can catch the interview here.

There is something very admirable about Mack, he knows that he cannot change the world, but he would be happy if he can make a small difference in a few lives.

His web site is mackslidlifters.com

I like his video:

Even if you don’t need a Macks Lid Lifter, you have to admit that he has a great hat!

Simon Barrett

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