I love the written word, black stuff on a white background is my idea of nirvana. I read more than most folks, at the rate I am going 2009 will be a 200 book year. The upshot is, I love books, books are my drug, books are the key to all knowledge.

If you were to ask me who my heroes are, you would be surprised by my answer. Yes I admire the courage and dedication of our troops, I admire the brave men and women that fight fires and save lives. I admire many people in many professions, but the people I admire most are educators. These men and women are who we entrust our children to, these are the people that shape our next generation of leaders. Teaching is an art form, it is not about beating facts into a formative mind, it is about teaching the skill to learn.

When Lawrence Meyers sent me a copy of his new book Teacher Of The Year I was intrigued. What could be better than a book about learning. I was right, Teacher If The Year is a fabulous book, and one that I cannot recommend enough.

Education should be the most important subject in every parents mind. Yet many parents have the ‘could give a damn’ attitude. I know this, I have seen it. In fact I see it daily in the small town that my wife and I live in.

Teacher Of The Year tells the story of Edwin Barlow, the very first recipient of the Teacher Of The Year award.  I decided to track down the author and ask him a few questions about the book, and about the enigmatic story of Edwin Barlow and his unorthodox style of teaching, and indeed unorthodox style of life.

It was a fascinating interview, and we certainly covered a lot of ground in 30 minutes. He also filled in some interesting background on Edwin Barlow that is not in the book.

You can listen to the entire interview here.

Simon Barrett

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