I have a confession to make, I love the art of Stained Glass, there is something unique about it. Painters might use Oils or Water Colors, indeed some even used glue! Some used brushes, some used pallet knives, but they have all left their mark in the art world.

Stained glass artists are not as well known as Monet or Chagall. Many great works of stained glass remain largely unknown as to who created them. The art world uses the term ‘provenance’, it is a fancy name for paper trail. The good news is that Stained Glass tends to somewhat permanent. It is darn hard to steal something like this.

I sat down with Los Angeles Stained Glass expert Mark Levy today to talk about the world he operates in. The picture above is one of his creations.

I rather like the work, it adorns Fire Station 78 in Studio City, Los Angeles. I really had not done much more that take in the view. The deeper meaning was lost on me. Mark Levy explained that Studio City is so named because this was the area that gave birth to the Movie and TV industry. The stained glass artwork represents the spools of film running through a projector. Yes I see it now.

If you missed the live interview you can listen to the recording here. Mark Levy also has a website MarkLevyStudio.com where you can find examples of his great art.

Simon Barrett

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