I have to admit that this was an interview that I had been looking forward to from the first time the possibility was mentioned. Kevin Godley was one of the founding fathers of the art rock super group 10cc, who had a string of hits in the 70’s. Alas as was often the case with the big bands of this era creative differences surfaced and the band parted ways. Without doubt the prog side of the band was Kevin Godley and Lol Creme, while the more commercial denizens were Graham Gouldman and Eric Stewart, and it was down these straight party lines that they parted company.

He has recently reconnected with former 10cc band member Graham Gouldman and they have been putting together some new tracks. So far this team has produced 6 tracks, and I really like the demo disk I have, the rest of you alas will have to purchase them from the G&G website www.gg06.co.uk

Kevin has had a long and illustrious career and when not playing music he has carved out quite a reputation as a music video director and has worked with U2, The Police, and Paul McCartney, to name just a few.

Kevin has taken up residence in Ireland, and seems pretty content with life. His collaboration with Graham Gouldman is one born out of gentle creativity and not from the grind of finding that next huge hit. An engaging and interesting man, our 30 minutes was not nearly long enough to discuss many of the topics I had on my list.

You can hear the entire show, oh and get a sneak listen to two of G&G’s new tracks here.

Simon Barrett


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