This was without doubt the hardest interview I have ever conducted. As a young man a good friend of the family told me “Simon, sometimes truth is stranger than fiction”. My mentor was a gentleman named Jim Spey, older than me by six decades, ex WWII code breaker, ex BBC commentator, and great friend. How true his words were. Fact beats fiction every time. My parents owned a pub in England, and Jim was one of the regulars. On weekends he would turn up wearing his kilt and dirk, no-one commented on this behavior, well he was from Scotland! I learned much from Jim, and I am sure that he is reading this article from a place far away from us. Hi Jim!

It was about three weeks ago that Murder By Family arrived on my doorstep, I was incredulous when I read the press release. In fact I was so incredulous that I hit Google, I am a news junkie but could not remember this particular story. In a nutshell, a young man plots to kill his father, mother, and brother. It is doubtful that it was for monetary gain, the family was middle class.

Following a happy adventure at an Italian restaurant the four members of the Whitaker family return home. There is a masked gunman waiting for them, son Kevin Whitaker is killed instantly, mother Tricia dies a few minutes later. Father Kent, and son Bart are hit, Bart in the arm, breaking a bone, and Kent in the stomach.

The police are suspicious, and it does not take long before their attention hits upon Bart. Injured? Yes. But Bart is not all that he seems.

Bart Whitaker now sits on Texas’s Death Row, a place that his father fought long and hard to avoid.

I had the opportunity to talk to Kent Whitaker about this heart wrenching story. He has lost his wife, lover, and best friend Tricia, he has lost his son Kevin, he has also lost his other son Bart.

Kent is a deeply caring man, this was without doubt the hardest interview I have ever done. Kent reflects on the past, yet also has the wish to create a better future.

You can listen to the entire interview here. Please do check out his web site. Oh, and I should point out that all profits from the book are being donated to charity.

My wife Jan and I, and I am sure I speak for everyone at Blogger News, wish you the very best in the future. Kent, you are a man above others!

Simon Barrett

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