I have a cardinal rule on the subject of interviews, learn as much about the subject to be discussed as you possibly can, before you ask questions. Unfortunately time was not on my side and so I was most definitely coming from a position of weakness with this interview.

Joe Gilberti’s story is both simple, but hugely complex. Even after 90 minutes of live interview I am not sure that I really have a grasp on it. At the simple level, Joe Gilberti is concerned about fresh water in part of Florida. The current situation is to use the Peace River as a major resource provider, this is stressing the river and the ecosystem in the area. The solution that Joe Gilberti suggests is to tap into a huge aquifer that could provide an almost limitless supply of fresh water.

Joe however is finding resistance to his solution, and this is where the complexity aspect comes into play. There appears to be corporate and maybe government interests that would prefer that Joe not succeed in his quest. Quite why this might be is still a bit of a mystery to me. What I can say is that Joe Gilberti has a story worthy of a New York Times bestseller.

If you missed the live broadcast you can listen to the recording here. I will leave it up to the listener to decide on the merits. As I said earlier, I had little time to research the subject and so was forced to ask general questions and reaped some pretty wide ranging answers.

I will say this, I believe that Joe Glberti has a story that is worth investigating. If he is right he could well have a solution that could solve a serious issue for Florida.

Simon Barrett

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