Jingle hell is a delightful Christmas comedy that has just been released on DVD, you can read the review here.

The always great people at Janson Media, the distributor, arrainged an interview with the films producer and co-writer Carter Anne McGowan. Usually I have lots of time for research for an interview, however this one happened in the space ofless than 24 hours! Interviewing is rather like being a trial lawyer, you never ask a question that you do not know the answer to. Well that basic rule of thumb went out of the door.

Armed only with some questions, off we went.

It transpires that Jingle Hell has quite a story behind it. Carter and co-writer Kelly R. Bryan came up with the basic story line while taking a long car trip.

Indie movies are a very different beast than the usual Hollywood production. Budgets are minimal, and time is short. Time is indeed money. Jingle Hell however has the look and feel of a a large budget production. I was stunned to learn that the entire film was shot over a 14 day period. The average Hollywood studio spends 14 days sobering up the star, never mind actually filming him or her! As Carter explained, it was actually shot in 11 days, the cast and crew took a day off for Thanksgiving, and two days were lost due to a camera problem.

How was this possible? Well the key to being able to get the footage in such a short time was that everyone involved had a background in theater. This enabled them to run with longer but fewer scenes.

Jingle Hell was shot in 1998, 1999 was spent in the assembly and editing process, and in the early 2000’s it hit the film festival circuit where it garnered a number of awards. It also was featured on a number of Cable channels.

Earlier this year Janson Media expressed an interest in  Jingle Hell, and so for the first time it is available on DVD.Better yet the profits are headed to the St Baldrick’s Foundation to support Children’s Cancer Research. Since 2005 they have contributed almost $80 million to research!

You can listen to the entire interview here.

Jingle Hell is available from Amazon on DVD or as a download. You can also order it from Janson Media.

Simon Barrett

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