Firefall are maybe best well known for their albums in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Although widely credited with one Platinum selling album Elan, the web is wrong! Elan certainly made Platinum, but so did their first album. Living proof that Wikipedia should not be relied on!

It had been Jock Bartley’s dream for many years to put on a reunion concert, to bring together once more the founding members of this platinum selling band. His dream was realized last year, indeed all of the surviving members made their way to Colorado for two short days of rehearsals and the Reunion Concert.

Not wishing to lose the memory Jock had the foresight to record the event, and this week the CD Firefall Reunion Live goes on sale. The concert was also filmed, and that footage is in the process of being edited for an upcoming DVD, Also in the works is another DVD, one of a vintage concert from 1979. There is much to make Firefall fans happy in the coming weeks and months.

I manged to get hold of Jock and ask him all about the reunion concert, and Firefall in general. He also gave permission for us to stream 4 tracks from the brand new live CD. With a running time just short of 1 hour this was a pretty in depth interview, you will also hear about some of the hoops that we had to jump through to put this interview together.

If you are a Firefall fan this is one that you will not want to miss. You can listen to the interview in its  entirety here. You should also check out the Firefall web site.

Simon Barrett

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